Trauma Cleanup and Biohazard Cleaning Cleveland, OH

Trauma Cleaning Cleveland, OH When you’ve experienced an accident or other traumatic event, the last thing on your mind is getting a mess taken care of. Whether a crime occurred outside your business or a family member has a serious infectious disease, Cleveland Masters of Disasters is the one to call for trauma cleaning. We remove and dispose of biohazardous waste quickly and properly, so you have one less thing to worry about in this stressful time.

This is a service most people don’t think of, with so many other details to worry about. It’s also a service most people don’t know how to go about finding. At Cleveland Masters of Disasters, we make the process of biohazard and trauma cleanup easy. We remove the burden of cleaning up after a traumatic event, the last thing you want to do after a distressing situation. Call us today if you are in need of emergency biohazardous cleanup of any kind.

Safety Specialized Clean Up

We offer biohazard and trauma cleaning from various commercial, industrial and private hazardous environments, such as:

  • Deceased person, from natural, homicidal and self-inflicted causes
  • Unattended body
  • Crime scene
  • Accident
  • Decontamination of known contaminated infectious areas, including communicable diseases, such as Ebola, MRSA, Flu, HIV, etc.
  • Breakouts of scabies, lice and bed bugs

We follow all federal, state and local guidelines for proper disposal and/or destruction of all biohazardous waste. If you need someone to help with the emergency cleanup of a trauma scene, call Cleveland Masters of Disasters for 24/7 service.

What Kind of Biohazards Do We Remove?

This is a question we commonly get asked, because many people are not familiar with this line of work. We’ve outlined the definitions of what we take care of and what the differences are in each cleanup service.

Biohazard—A risk to human health or the environment arising from biological work, especially with microorganisms.

Biohazardous Waste—Products, such as bodily fluids and tissues, which have the risk of carrying human pathogens. Biohazardous waste often originates from health care facilities or research laboratories, and places a relatively small or confined group of people at increased risk for infection during the time necessary for the infectious agent to dry or otherwise become inactive.

Trauma Cleaning/Bio Cleaning—Involves using proper techniques and safety controls in place with specialized training in blood borne pathogens, HazCom, confined spaces and fit testing for required respirators. This also involves proper donning and removing of PPE, along with following all federal, state and local guidelines for disposal and OSHA protection of employees.

We Take Care of You After a Disaster

Nobody plans for traumatic events to occur, much less how to deal with the aftermath. Whether you work for a hospital or nursing home, or you’ve just experienced a crime on your property, count on Cleveland Masters of Disasters to take care of biohazard and trauma cleaning.