Restoration Services Cleveland, OH

Restoration Services Cleveland, OH An unexpected disaster in your home or office can be detrimental to more than just the foundation of your house. Water, fire and mold can damage your floors, walls, furniture and fixtures. You’ll need more than just an ordinary cleaning company to get the job done, which is why Cleveland Masters of Disasters is here to take care of the restoration for you.

Our restoration services clean up the mess left behind by environmental and home disasters. Not only will Cleveland Masters of Disasters come to your house or business and fix the problem, but we will provide restorative cleaning services as well. With all these services under our belt, we are your go-to restoration company in Cleveland.

Carpet Cleaning

Water damage of any sort can ruin your carpets if not properly cleaned. Cleveland Masters of Disasters’ restoration services use high performance, state-of-the-art, truck-mounted units that assure optimal carpet cleaning results. Our carpet cleaning procedure doesn’t leave a soapy residue on your carpeting, so your floors stay clean longer.

Trained and certified technicians give extra attention to spots and high-traffic areas. After the cleaning is completed, we pad and block all furniture legs and end tables. The carpet is then pile groomed to give your carpeting a clean and finished appearance. You won’t see a single trace of mold removal, water or fire damage restoration after we have cleaned your carpets.

Drapery Cleaning

Our professional restoration services provide on-location cleaning of your draperies, valances, swags and other decorative window treatments. With this process and special equipment, there is no inconvenience of being without your drapes, no loss of privacy, no take-downs, no rehangs and no “sheets” on your windows.

Cleveland Masters of Disasters guarantees against drape shrinkage, color loss, bleeding, uneven hems, wrinkles and fabric damage. We safely clean drapes that are torn or have started to fray without creating further damage, therefore giving you the option of waiting a few more years before replacing them. All of our solvents are specially formulated to clean thoroughly, while remaining environmentally safe.

Other Restoration Services

In addition to carpet and drapery cleaning, Cleveland Masters of Disasters offers other restoration services for all emergency situations. There’s no tragedy or event we can’t help your home recover from. Some of the other restoration services our team takes care of include:

  • 2-hour emergency clean-ups
  • Environmental clean-ups
  • Disaster recovery
  • Trauma scene clean-ups

Work with Us

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